Coin Master 2020: Free Spins and Coins Links

I know you are here to get daily free spins and coins reward from coin master and this is the correct place you have come to. We will provide coin master links that you are searching for. So don’t go anywhere because we will be updating links every hour.

Daily Coin Master Free Spins and Coins

Coin master links for free spins and coins are all taken from Coin master official website. They are tested that they are genuine before being updated.below are the coin master links given. Every day there are about 2 or 3 links for free coin master spins daily ,sometimes there are 4.

Coin Master Free Coins and Spins Links

There are also other ways to get free spins like inviting a friend on Facebook or when you pass a level you get 25 spins. You can also gift each other daily one spin up to 100 friends.

What Game is Coin Master?

It is slot machine game paired with village building . there are about 262 different villages with different names. There are 5 buildings in each village that you have to upgrade upto 5 stars. Once they are upgraded you move to the next village. Now how will you get coins in this game there three ways to get coins first is through slot machine . there are three slots in the slot machine if you get the 3 slots same then the reward is higher. The other two way is by raid and attack.
Remember not to attack your friends as they might as well take revenge. And always make sure you have a shield so you may block an attack. When you get an attack you can choose whomever you want to attack but when there is a raid you don’t have any choice the one who is gonna being raid appears on the slot machine. The raid money is taken directly from their collection.


You can bet with 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x etc. the higher you bet higher is the chance reward getting multiplied.

How to play coin master?

Tips and tricks

It important to understand how to play this game . people think this is a game of spins but actually it is game of coins. People usually don’t keep much coins for the fear that it might get raided but the thing is to keep coins in millions and let it get raided then you will also get bigger raids in millions. Don’t rush to build village and use up the coins.

Cards and chests

There are many card collection that you have complete in order to get rewards. Your pets also get upgraded when you finish the set of cards. You also get some free spins and pet xp when you complete the collection. There are different types of card, white card golden card 2 star card 3 star card 5 star card etc. there 3 types of chests, wooden chest, golden chest and magical chest. You get golden cards in the magical chest. You can trade cards with your friends but you cannot trade a golden card. You can only earn it through a chest.

Frequently asked questions and also search for

How to get free spins in coin master?
Come to our site as we update daily links of coin master spins.

How to reach on top village level fast?
By following our tips and tricks given above followed by many top players.

What is the use of cards in coin master?
When you collect all the cards you get spins and gifts to play further.

What does the star indicate?
The star indicate you level in the game, higher the number of stars higher is your level in game

02 Aug 202025 spinscollect
02 Aug 202025 spinscollect
01 Aug 202050 spins, 150 m coinscollect
01 Aug 202025 spinscollect
01 Aug 202025 spinscollect
31 July 202025 spinscollect
31 July 202025 spinscollect
31 July 20203.6 m coinscollect
31 July 20203.6 m coinscollect